Bite Guards and Bite Splints in Calgary NE

Teeth grinding and clenching (Bruxism) is very common and can be painful and destructive to teeth and joints. Years of clenching and grinding can wear down teeth. Stress and worry are thought to be the main contributing factors, while the precise cause is uncertain. Other causes may also be sleep apnea, snoring, abnormal bite and crooked teeth.

Bite Guards Splints

Bruxism sign/symptoms

Night guard is a removable, custom-fitted plastic appliance that fits between the upper and lower teeth to prevent them from clenching/grinding against each other. The night guard for teeth relieves strain and provides support to the jaw muscles when you clench your mouth. This cushioning keeps your teeth’s enamel from chipping and also helps to avoid jaw and cheek strain.
Usually used at night to avoid teeth grinding while you sleep.

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