Bite Guards and Bite Splints in Calgary NE

Jacksonport Dental is a one stop solution for Dental woes! We develop and provide quality bite guards and bite splints that vouch as the best dental guards available in the market. Bite Guards serve an incredible important function from which many of us suffer but few visit professionals. A bite Guard can prove to be an outstanding lifesaver from severe teeth grinding habit, clenching, cheek biting, etc. Jacksonport Dental assures to take an all-inclusive care of your dental vagaries!

Custom fit and sleek design: We promise on our commitment to deliver the best dental guards in the market. Each patient’s buccal cavity is measured appropriately to furnish the best results.

Global standard quality: Our mouthguards are well renowned for being the best in the market. On the top of that we assure that our patients get nothing but the best. We use high grade silicone that is safe for all skin types.

Prevents Bruxism: Bruxism is referred to severe clenching or grinding of teeth that might injure your gums, mucosal lining or teeth itself. It can increase during sleeping hours but is also seen to happen during stress time too. Bite guards are just the thing made for it. It renders effective against this habit.

Relives muscle pain: Bite splints also help to relieve mandibular muscle pain. It does so by keeping the teeth align which helps to correct buccal position to some degree. At Jacksonport Dental, our experts understand your genuine need to thoroughly help you.

Prevents drooling: Amongst the many functions of Bite guards and splints, they also help to not let you drool while sleeping.

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