Mouthguards for Sports in Calgary NE

The most frequent kind of orofacial injury received while participating in sports is a dental injury. Mouthguards are used during sports activity to protect the teeth from possible damage. Mouth guards are worn over  the top of teeth during sports to help prevent an oral injury. They protect against broken/fractured teeth, soft tissue injury and other damage to the mouth. Custom made mouthguard are specifically designed to fit your teeth.

Sports Mouthguards in Calgary

Easy usage: Our mouthguards are super easy to use and fit well. Its just as easy to install it that everyone can do it with pretty ease.

Non-toxic and eco-friendly: At Jacksonport Dental, we never compromise with the quality of our products. We assure you that the best reaches you. Hence we develop mouthguards that are non-toxic and meant well for the environment.

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