Dental Filling Services in Calgary NE

What is Dental filling?

Dental fillings are the treatment for restoring and treating decayed and broken teeth, replacement of old/chipped fillings, build-up for restoring non-carious tooth wear and filling in small gaps between the teeth in order to improve their strength, function and shape. Many patients also suffer from sensitivity of the teeth due to loss of enamel, which can also be improved significantly with the placement of a dental filling.

What are some symptoms where fillings can be required?

What is the Procedure of getting a Filling?

Dental filling is done by drilling and removing out the carious or damaged tooth structure and the area is cleaned to remove bacteria and debris and restoring/filling it with tooth colored filling material, back to their normal function and shape. A special curing light is used to set the filling material, making it very hard and durable against normal biting forces.

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