Emergency Dentistry in Calgary, NE

Anytime or anyplace can experience a dental emergency. Pain may come from the tooth, the tissues around it, or it may seem to come from the teeth but actually come from somewhere else (Orofacial pain).
From a broken/chipped/fractured/knocked out tooth, toothache, swelling to sensitivity and pain in the teeth, gums and jaw can be examined by dentist. Specific treatment options for the relief of pain are discussed. In some cases, when infection is involved, patient requires taking antibiotics prior to have any dental treatment.
The best way to prevent dental emergency is to have routine dental check-ups with the dentist. During these visits, the dentist will check for loose/ broken fillings and crowns as well as any signs of decay, infection and gum disease.

The key to any effective treatment is early intervention, which improves the odds of saving decayed or damaged teeth, and also helps keep the financial cost down by avoiding more complex treatment later.

What are some symptoms of a dental emergency?

How Do I Proceed in the Event of a Dental Emergency?

Please get in touch with our office right away if any of the following occur. Please visit CDA Dental Emergency Management to handle these frequent dental emergencies until you can get to our office.

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