Does Exercise Help With Dental Health

Does Exercise Help With Dental Health?

Exercise is known to enhance both physical and mental well-being. But studies have shown that regular exercise has a number of positive effects on our mouths, including a decreased chance of gum disease. This also makes exercise excellent for our dental health.

It is common knowledge that exercise is important and can have beneficial effects on the body and mind. You’ll be shocked at how regular exercise can improve our mouths! However, there is a link between exercise and dental health that not many people are aware of.

Exercise can improve our oral health in a multitude of ways, such as by reducing the risk of gum disease, boosting saliva production, and helping us break poor behaviors that can harm our teeth. We’ll discuss exercise-related risks, though.


Gum Disease

Exercise’s ability to reduce the risk of gum disease, commonly known as periodontitis, is one of its main advantages. In 2005, researchers analyzed the relationship between gum disease and exercise.

Researchers discovered that study participants who exercised regularly had a roughly 54% lower risk of gum disease than those who did not exercise.

Regular exercise also reduces inflammation in the body, which is one of the main causes of gum disease. An increase in exercise can lead to an increase in the cytokines that reduce inflammation.


Effect of Weight

Frequent exercise can reduce our body mass index (BMI), which improves our oral health in turn. When our BMI is lower, we will typically consume fewer sugar-filled foods and beverages, protecting our teeth and gums from damaging acids.

In order to determine how “healthy” each study participant was, researchers used BMI, body fat percentage, and oxygen consumption in one analysis of the relationship between weight and dental health.

The researchers discovered that those with gum disease were 40% less likely to exercise and maintain a normal weight than people who did not exercise (as determined by the researchers).


Increased Saliva

Additionally, exercise increases salivary production. This aids in addressing the problem of dry mouth, which allows germs to proliferate and lead to the accumulation of plaque and tooth disease. Exercise can easily resolve the common dry mouth problem.


Stress Relief

Stress often leads us to turn to unhealthy behaviors for our mouths, including smoking or grinding our teeth. In addition to having detrimental effects on our teeth, smoking raises the chance of oral cancer. Grinding your teeth can lead to tooth injury and deterioration.

However, it is widely known that physical activity reduces stress. The body releases endorphins after exercise, which can make us feel extremely happy. We are less likely to engage in oral health-harming behaviors when we exercise.


A word of warning

Although there are certainly advantages for our teeth, we also need to be aware of the risks associated with energy drinks. Many people will grab an energy drink or sports drink after a run or workout.

However, the high sugar content in these drinks can harm our teeth, potentially undoing all our hard work. One study found that the average amount of acid in a sample of sports drinks causes tooth damage after just five days of usage. Water is a far superior substitute.


Should I begin exercising more?

You should increase your physical activity, but not to the point of danger. It goes without saying that maintaining excellent dental health will also enhance your bodily well-being. Exercise on its own, however, is insufficient; we also need to eat a balanced diet, floss frequently, clean our teeth twice a day, and stay away from sugar-filled drinks and snacks whenever feasible.

Lastly, it’s critical to schedule routine checkups at the dentist. Early detection and repair of any issues will prevent the need for later, more involved operations.


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This article has demonstrated the beneficial effects of exercise on dental health. Exercise, in conjunction with routine dental exams and proper oral hygiene practices, can be very beneficial to our dental health.

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